Meritorious Service Decorations (Military Division)

Created by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 11 June 1984, the Meritorious Service Cross (military division) recognizes a military deed or activity that has been performed in an outstandingly professional manner, according to a rare high standard that brings considerable benefit or great honour to the Canadian Forces.

Keeping Tabs

  24596 Soo Kyong Choi – Senior Manager, Amazon. 20860 Cindy Tessier – Senior Operations Manager at Veterans Affairs Canada / Anciens Combattants Canada 18346 France Hébert – Vice-President and General Manager, Defence & Security Canada at CAE 25990 Bradley Hartwick – Coaching Authenticity, Humanity & Purpose in Leaders 21217 Corinna Heilman – Deputy Chief…


  B0193 Michael Good, RMC Class of 1995 We are heartbroken to announce the passing of Michael Good, a loving husband, father, brother(-in-law), uncle, and friend, at the young age of 64. Michael will be sadly missed by his adoring wife, Dawn (nee Witherspoon), together for 33 years, and his two girls, Daley and Meaghan.…

My Experience as an RMC Cadet at the King’s Coronation

I had the chance to meet 21364 Col. Jeremy Hansen, who was in his seldom-used airforce uniform and talked with me about RMC and his future trip around the moon. I also spoke to many of the other dignitaries in the delegation; I thanked the Prime Minister for his announcement of Canadian coronation medals, spoke to some behind-the-scenes staffers, and stumbled upon Mark Critch of 22 Minutes who just happened to be in town. By far the best conversation I had was with the High Commissioner, the Hon. Ralph Goodale, who spoke with me about the coronation and Canada’s meaningful ties to the monarchy. I left the reception overwhelmed with sheer joy of having experienced the day’s events, and I was glad to know the excellent men and women who had experienced it alongside me.

H5276 Digger MacDougall, CD, receives the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers

On June 7th, 2023, the Ottawa Branch held its monthly luncheon at the Ottawa Army Officers Mess. They used this opportunity to have 4377 LGEN retired Richard Evraire make presentation of the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers to H5276 Digger MacDougall (immediate Past President of the Ottawa Branch). Digger received word from the Awards Unit of…

19728 Sarah McMillan CMR RMC 1995: navigating the seas of service excellence

After graduating with honours from Royal Roads Military College, in the Applied Military Psychology program, McMillan set sail in her defence journey by enrolling in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in 1996. She began her tenure with the RCN as what was once called a Maritime Surface Officer (and is now known as a Naval Warfare Officer). From notably serving aboard the frigate HMCS YUKON and Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) ship HMCS PRESERVER, and so many more in between, McMillan subsequently transferred to the Personnel Selection Branch and became a Personnel Selection Officer (PSO) in 1997. In this role, the point of sail for McMillan’s career pivoted — she worked with NCSM VILLE DE QUEBEC and HMCS PRESERVER as a Critical Incident Stress Counsellor during the Swiss Air Disaster only two years into her career.

Graduating with no Regrets By: 14344 Capt. Bruce S. Poulin MA, BA(Hon), CD

Things may be hard right now, and the rewards seem too far off. But remember, should you ever feel some doubt, a lot of experienced people believed in your abilities. You would not be here if you were not capable. A degree at a CMC is the sports equivalent of the Grey Cup of academic institutions. It is meant to be hard and a degree from here is supposed to be a significant milestone in your lives. Bring out your best selves and never lose sight of your goal – to win the CMC Grey Cup and graduate with no regrets.

Rick Gerbrecht: an unforeseen opportunity proves fortuitous

When most people describe their career path and the steps they took to enter the defence industry, they often reference years of planning and careful decisions. But for Rick Gerbrecht of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Canada Ltd (tkMS Canada), his saga comes together a bit differently. He describes his entry into the field as a tale with twists and turns, a story that requires what he describes as “brutal honesty” here and there.

RMC Class of 1990 Graduate Named New Judge Advocate General

Col Holman succeeds Rear-Admiral Geneviève Bernatchez in the role of JAG. RAdm Bernatchez, who was the first woman to be appointed as the JAG on June 28, 2017, will be retiring having completed 26 years of service as a Regular Force Legal officer.

Interview with Lobna Chérif, PhD, CAPP, CRT, PPCC, MBSP

Life is a collection of moments and the present moment is the only moment available to us; the rest is the result of our mind’s ability to replay past scenarios and reminiscence, savour… or regret… or travel to the future and dream, create, innovate, imagine… or worry – so stay present, here and now;

Golden Oldies – Graduation Through the Years

Graduation through the years

Golden Oldies – Celebrating the Women of the Royal Military Colleges

Golden Oldies – Celebrating the Women of the Royal Military Colleges