January 2016 on the peninsula (Photos by 26503 Luke Brannigan)

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Melanie Hughes, James Howells, Tristan Thomson; Blake Simpson, Erik St Gelais; Colin de Grandpré; ALOY OCdt Victoria Pierrot & Denice Zoretich




In This Issue 5:

Ex-Cadets & More in the News

6898 Richard Cohen Shares his RMC memories plus 50 years

Keeping Tabs…

20303 Assad Bouayed & his life journey / Un aperçu de la vie de 20303 Assad Bouayed

Souper annuel du Chapitre de Québec / Quebec City Branch Annual Dinner

Meet the DCdts: LCol Chris Renahan (19401)

Sage advice from 23768 Chris Justason, Class of ’08

Leaders of tomorrow have their say…

Professional Military Training – 27 Jan

The Week That Was…

RMCC Cadets 2016 West Point Visit…

The Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston 1921 – 1925: Erecting the Memorial Arch

Morale Building Quotes from Vice Admiral James Stockdale




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West Point earns 4-3 victory in highly entertaining penalty free game

Lots of eloquence at first rate debate

I-81 Sports Day – a.k.a. West Point Weekend – a ton of winners

Leaders of tomorrow have their say

Ex Cadets & more in the news

13240 David Last: Fulbright Visiting Research Chair at Norwich University

CAF: promotions, appointments & retirements

Mike Kennedy: One Step Closer

Ship For Less & e-Veritas strike-up sponsorship deal

La Chasse-Galerie 2016 Rideau Canoe Trip

Jobs – Careers / Carrières




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